Corbels are architectural elements that have been widely used for centuries. Corbels are both decorative and functional in nature and can be made from metal, stone, and/or wood. At Remodel Market we offer corbels in wood and countertop supports in both wood and metal. The functional ascpect of corbels is to provide support. Corbels come in many shapes and sizes and can be used in interior applications as a foundation to support among other things cabinets, countertops, mantels, range hoods, and shelving. The decorative nature of corbels is to provide ornamentation and design in both interior and exterior construction. Historical decorative embellishments for corbels include acanthus leaves, woven lattice, classic scrolls, grapevines, and shells among other things. Contemporary design themes are more industrial and minimalistic, but also include Craftsman, Mission, and Shaker styles. The particular style chosen for any décor depends on the overall design theme and whether the user prefers subtly or grandeur in their surrounding environment.