Posts, Legs, Columns


Posts and Columns are key elements of interior and exterior architecture. They are both structural by nature, but are often used to augment and embellish overall design adding grandeur and depth to traditional construction. Posts and Columns can be made of Metal, Resin, Stone or Wood. In interior applications Posts and Columns can be used to hold up and support countertops, frame kitchen islands, and define areas between sink bases, appliances, and other cabinets. Posts and Columns can also be used as stair balusters, or in support on mantels and bar counters. In split form, Posts and Columns are often used as decorative overlays. In exterior applications, Posts and Columns can also be used to support eaves, arches, pergolas, and as balusters. Posts and Columns can be turned or square with surfaces that are typically plain, fluted, reeded, or adorned with decorative elements such as acanthus leaves, basket weave, grapevines, and rope. Some common design styles include Colonial, Corinthian, Doric, English, French, Mission, and Shaker. The style of Posts and Columns chosen depends on the overall architectural design theme and personal preferences.